Jon Beney and Frederique Garland

Picture a young girl with dreams; how does it feel to fly, to achieve great things, defy gravity, feel freedom, enjoy a view of the world most people will never see?

Imagine three dancers moving a fourth in space, like Japanese Bunraku. A young Amy Johnson, like Peter Pan’s Wendy, is thrown and lifted in the space with precision, swooping down like a plane but never touching the floor. Representing the ambition of a young girl and the freedom of flight, this commission lights up the relationship of Amy to the influential men in her life.

Yira is a special commission for the Amy Johnson Festival by dancers Jon Beney and Frederique Garland.

This event is supported by Freedom Festival.

Sunday 28 August

The piece has a running time of 10 minutes. There will be a total of five performances on the hour, commencing at 1pm.

Admission Free  

Fruit Market