Performance-Parkour meets hi-flying stunts on a scaffold bi-plane.

The Urban Playground Team present Altitude, a new performance-parkour show commissioned by Amy Johnson Festival for Zebedee’s Yard.

A group of explorers discover, under wraps, a machine that changed the world! Inspired, they take a flight through the early history of aviation in a non-stop race around the globe. Along the way they will encounter wing-walkers, pioneers, barn-stormers, smugglers, heroes and, of course, Amy Johnson herself. 

This international four-person crew combines authentic Free-Running with circus, dance and theatre in a show for the whole family. 

Each performance is followed by an open workshop in which YOU can learn the basics and jump into the world of performance-parkour. 

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 July

12.00pm & 2.30pm

Free admission – open air performance

Zebedee’s Yard
Hull HU1 2EX