Aviatrix Flies to Paris!

Aviatrix Flies to Paris!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Ensemble 52‘s stunning multimedia theatre piece Aviatrix is heading to Paris in July!

It will form part of Dreams Before Dawn Festival, curated by Bred in the Bone. The festival presents emerging theatre made in the UK, celebrating the UK’s ability to absorb influences from all around Europe.

Aviatrix is a collaboration between award-winning, Hull-based Ensemble 52 and acclaimed theatre maker Olivia Furber (IVO).

The piece, commissioned by Amy Johnson Festival, features film footage and writing from Palestine based Quds Art Films, projection mapping from video artist Hannah Mason and an original score from Paris-based experimental musicians 9T Antiope. Fiercely contemporary,  it examines the Middle Eastern leg of Johnson’s flight from England to Australia through the prism of modern attitudes to freedom of movement.

We’ll let you know more details as and when we get them, but we do know that Aviatrix will be reaching well-deserved vast audiences; Dreams Before Dawn is live streamed with each performance accessible on the internet throughout the world. Huge congratulations to everyone involved!