Are these the clues you’ve been searching for…?

Are these the clues you’ve been searching for…?

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, which means it must be time for our Big Moth Treasure Hunt – here’s hoping you strike gold and find what you’re searching for…

There are seven pieces of treasure scattered across Hull. Just to help you out a little, four are around the city centre (ish), and three are in the Hessle Road area. The locations are revealed in the clues below – once you think you’ve got some answers, get moving! You’re searching for A4 brown envelopes, apart from one special prize which is in a small white envelope…

Just so you know if you’re lucky enough to find one there’s also a small envelope inside which MUST be left for the other people on the treasure trail (we don’t want them searching until the sun goes down!). This isn’t a competitive hunt in any way, just a little bit of fun to while away an hour or two enjoying our beautiful city and finding out a little bit about Amy.

So, without further ado, here we go:


  1. Near the foot of this famous son, there is peace.
  1. Amy Did It here, and so did we! Your treasure sits between the flowers of a Trimmer and a Gallery Boy.
  1. A tree stands opposite the brightest dog star; west, not north.
  1. We Will Remember Them as the goddess of a thousand works stands by. Your knees won’t thank us… 
  1. The oldest church guards this inside its metal railings.
  1. Opposite the place it all began, there is a square where leaves curl round what could be yours.
  1. A new Amy looks to the skies amongst the hawthorns, but search around the bottom of what grows up.


Good luck, and remember to share your pictures with us on Facebook and twitter!