Amy: The Musical!

Amy: The Musical!

A concert production of the musical Amy will be staged at Hull Guildhall on 3rd May 2017. This is not only a theatrical event, but also an historical one. Amy’s historic flight began on 3rd May 1930 and she landed in Darwin, Australia on 24th May in her fragile bi-plane ‘Jason’, a perfect replica of which can be seen in Paragon station. On returning to England, Amy had become a renowned heroine and was given a civic reception in the same banqueting suite at the Guildhall that the musical is being performed in. It is being performed for one night only at the Guildhall before moving to Sewerby Hall, Bridlington on May 4 and Park Street Arts Centre, Hull, on May 5 and 7.

The musical Amy was written by Richard Green and Ian Butler and first staged at the New Theatre in 1975 to public acclaim.

In this concert version Richard will be narrating Amy’s story while explaining the intentions behind the show and how it was structured as a stage production.

Alex Simpson and Roberta Loads, who were in the original production as dancers, are now taking on the roles of Amy’s parents, Mr and Mrs Johnson, while Roberta’s daughter Rachel Broxham will be playing Amy.

Tickets are £10 for the Guildhall and Sewerby performances, and £8 for Park Street. Text Gina Garton on 07977 482271 or call Richard Green on 07541 998118 to book.