Wings to Fly

Wings to Fly

Artist – Grace Eloise

Design Description

‘Feet, what do I need them for, if I have wings to fly’ – Frida Kahlo – 1953

‘Wings to Fly’ is inspired by the Art Deco shapes and structures of the 1930s. Incorporating the symbol for female liberation to represent the equality and liberation of woman and freedom of the skies.

Artist Statement

I am a passionate and charismatic freelance designer who relishes a challenge. I enjoy working closely with my clients and other creative people; helping them to form visions they can’t personally create themselves. I have worked within a diverse line of work from technical illustrations contemporary interiors, painting murals and curating art shows.

My own practice explores the chaos and beauty of the mind, portraying the solitude and bipolar thoughts of one’s existence while making a statement of the conundrums of the human predicament – Intricate, Floral Gore.