Tribute to the Airwaves

Tribute to the Airwaves

Artist – Lauren Saunders

Design Description

The design elements of ‘Tribute to the Airwaves’ have been influenced by the style, culture and fashion of 1930s Britain, alongside Amy Johnson’s famous journey to Australia. The wings reference 1930s culture surrounding the household radio, with radio circuit designs and Art Deco inspired spots. The moth’s dot-work patterns suggest Aborigine paintings, synonymous with Amy’s destination, Australia. Her aircraft, ‘Jason’, has been honoured through the use of its colour on the underside of the moth. However, most of the moth colours are those of fashionable clothing and make-up colour palettes chosen by women of the 1930s.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I work with whatever medium I feel like using at the time, or what feels instinctively right in relation to what it is I want to communicate. I enjoy exploring all manner of creation, from painting to photography to craft, and everything in between. I have a strong artistic background as a freelance artist, photographer and scenographer in both London and Hull, and currently work creatively within healthcare. I also run Arrow Arts, a small local company based in Hull, specialising in affordable hand-made gifts, cards and commissioned and printed artworks.