The Woman Who Became a Moth

The Woman Who Became a Moth

Artist – Lilly Williams

Design Description

My design interprets Amy’s story symbolically and playfully; taking the moth as a symbol of her passion for flying. The Amy in this story is so consumed by her love of flying that in the end she actually turns into a giant moth!

The tale unfolds on the wings of a common English moth, one that might have gone quite unnoticed if it hadn’t grown so large and has such a story to tell…

Artist Statement

I moved to Hull in May 2015 after completing a PGDip at the Royal Drawing School. I am a founder member of Ground a new gallery and artists studios on Beverley Road. In my own practice I work with painting and drawing. I hope to create imagery that encourages the imagination of the viewer. I work quite instinctively encouraging my subconscious to keep producing characters and scenery, after I have made an image I will have an idea of what story it tells, but I hope the viewer will find it a different one.