The Night Emperess

The Night Emperess

Artist – Hoshi Dee

Design Description

A moth, resplendent in gold and shades of blue from sky to midnight. She is not afraid or ashamed to wear a symbol of her gender bold and proud for all to see. I would love to use clusters of LED lights for her eyes, but am loathe to promise something I cannot guarantee. There will be an overall 30s art deco feel, with nods to the constellations and landscapes Amy may have seen on her flight. I will be using acrylic paints and paint pens, possibly with reflective paint for the eyes.

Artist Statement

I “draint”, draw with paint (pens). I relish the clarity of line, drawing brings, when compared to other traditional, 2D, visual art forms. I love that lines can be used to convey detail and depth, whilst retaining the integrity of each stroke. I prefer using coloured or black papers. Upon research, I have found that my style carries aspects of Chiaroscuro, and I often make use of Rembrandt and other oblique lighting styles, to really use the light and shadows to convey shape. I enjoy capturing a range of subjects, most commonly animals and faces, but more recently, places and spaces.