Struggle & Opportunity in the 1930s

Struggle & Opportunity in the 1930s

Artist – Ella Dorton

Design Description

This moth tries to capture the tension across Britain during the 1920s Financial crisis

The left wing is about working class struggle, focusing on the hunger marches; where unemployed men and women from Scotland, Wales and northern England marched to London to demand a fairer society.

The right wing looks at how people benefited from the crisis. Prices fell, so for those with jobs, living standards rose. In southern England, new industry boomed. For the first time, people could afford cars, TVs, holidays and healthy food. Sadly the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow.

Artist Statement

I am Ella, 24 years old and from Hull. I have always enjoyed watching and drawing people in their natural habitats; I use drawing and painting as a way to get to know my neighbours. I invite myself round for tea, then make drawings while chatting, drawings are sometimes turned into paintings or fabric collages. I like the domestic clutter and patterns everywhere. I am interested in the therapeutic effect of art making, and being made into art. I think it’s identity affirming. I’m currently setting up a gallery/workshop space on Beverley Road called Ground with some friends – hopefully we’ll get all kinds of people coming there.