Stealth Moth (Light Installation)

Stealth Moth (light installation)

Artist – Liz Dees

Sponsored by: University of Hull


Design Description

This moth design is based on the stealth aircraft. This kind of aircraft is designed to avoid detection using a variety of ‘stealth’ technologies that reduce reflection/emission of radar, infrared, visible light, radio-frequency spectrum and audio, collectively known as stealth technology. Whilst no aircraft is totally invisible to radar, stealth aircraft make it more difficult for conventional radar to detect or track the aircraft effectively

Artist Statement

Liz Dees is a successful, established, professional and innovative artist who enjoys collaborating on performance projects as well as murals and outdoor arts of any kind. Trained at the Chelsea College of Art and the London College of Fashion, she has worked on shows ranging from West End musicals to community operas. She now specialises in large scale street theatre, and has recently branched out into public art and performance installation.