Artist – Mik Richardson

Sponsored by: Prospect Centre


Design Description

The ‘Spirit’ design depicts the perilous journey Amy Johnson flew in 1930. This was also recreated by the aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor in memory of Amy. Spirit honours both of these amazing women showing the map of the world & the maths, stops and days they took, as well as their profiles and planes, and dates ofthe journeys. The moth head is painted green to resemble their aircraft & around the base are the details of stops and distance covered.

Artist Statement

Mik Richardson is a Norfolk based artist who runs his own mural/design 7 graffiti tutoring business since leaving the RAF in 2006. As well as producing over 400 murals & projects for businesses, schools, councils & the communities, he has also been involved in many of the art trails across the country. Producing 31 sculptures to date & nearly another 100 with schools.