Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days

Artist – Isaac Acheampong

Sponsored by: Strata Homes

Strata Homes LOGO (black TM)

Design Description

Inspired by handwritten letters to her lover Hans Arregger, the design takes an excerpt from one of the letters, and enlarges the handwritten text, faithfully reproducing Amy’s very handwriting. The text is made red and set against a contrasting blue sky. The technique is a simple PVPP (Paint Vinyl Paint Peel) method with acrylic paints. It’s as if Amy Johnson herself had written in the skies, lending her a kind of artistic agency to the work.

Artist Statement

Isaac Acheampong is a Ghanaian born and Hull-based artist who came to Hull to study Architecture. Isaac has developed a wide interest in the arts, including music, dance, photography and film. He has exhibited widely, including permanent works at Wilberforce House Museum and a group show at Tate Modern, as well as having extensive experience working with schools and communities. Isaac has travelled on numerous occasions to Ghana on artistic research and development. He is a Millennium Awards Fellow and a Churchill Fellow.