Reach for the Stars (backlit stained glass panel inserts)

Reach for the Stars (backlit stained glass panel inserts)

Artist – Jayne Ford

Design Description

The design is inspired by the theme of womens’ achievements in science and engineering. Stained glass panels with a composition of gears and cogwheels overlaid on sky-blue, are incorporated into a dramatic starry sky to give a sense of the freedom of aviation and the freedom achieved when following your dreams. I would like the moth to inspire young women who want to enter science and engineering, as I did after growing up in Hull, enjoying many years in biomedical research as a senior scientist.

The shape of the apertures is reminiscent of the Art Deco style in vogue during Amy Johnson’s short life, and also suggestive of airplane wings. The design also incorporates images representing womens’ scientific achievements around the time of Amy’s life. The female symbol is also subtly incorporated. Please note that water paint and paper cannot do justice to the impact and brilliance of a backlit stained glass panel with pure colours!

Artist Statement

A Moth for Amy has particular relevance to me as I grew up in Hull and have worked both as an artist and a scientist. I was a senior biological scientist for many years before deciding to take up a craft and explore other avenues in life. I now produce glass artwork (both architectural and sculptural) for private and public clients, and have recently teamed up with the prop-maker and sculptor Paul Lazenby in order to expand the range of materials I can work with. Paul Lazenby also grew up in Hull (he is an old school-friend!), and has 25 years experience making and installing large-scale fibre-glass and metal sculptures.