Puss Moth

Puss Moth

Artist – Sally Adams

Design Description

The Puss Moth was Amy’s other plane. The 30s was ‘Art Deco. Using the patterning of a real Puss Moth insect and Art Deco feel, I’ve designed the moth-sculpture to be sumptuous and fabulous, as in the spirit of the times. The design uses aluminium, glitter and multi-layers of metallic acrylic paints for subtle texture and colour-depth. This method looks stunning, even at night. The ‘antlers’ are of steel and plastic with intentional movement for added impact.

Artist Statement

Originally from South London and with a background of prop-making (TV, retail display etc.), I went onto study Art in Taunton and then Norwich. I’ve done many projects over the years, and have a few public works (sculpture) around Norfolk. Prior Wild in Art designs are: designer of GoGoGorilla, ‘The Aped Crusader’ and I was the designer/artist for GoGoDragon ‘The Dragtabulous Delores’. I’ve also done a few ducks for The Grand Norwich Duck Race.