Pegasus Sky

Pegasus Sky

Artist – Saffron Waghorn

Sponsored by: Beverley Racecourse

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Design Description

Amy used to sometimes affectionately call her Gypsy moth plane “Pegasus”. The winged horse who traversed the heavens was born of Medusa’s blood which fell into the sea. Only tamed by a golden bridle, Pegasus helps to achieve “impossible tasks” and represents Sky. Horses have played and important role in mythological adventures, from Odin’s eight legged horse to Epona, the Celtic link to the land of the dead.

This moth tells the story of Amy setting out from her homeland, the Yorkshire landscape behind and fearlessly flying across the sea to accomplish her goal..

Artist Statement

Saffron Waghorn, a sculptor who predominantly works in stone, but enjoys the versatility of other materials. She has twenty years experience in Public Art, occasionally taking on private commissions and running workshops.

Saffron is currently exploring her own creative style and interests. Looking forward to exhibiting her new art in the near future.

The Amy Johnson festival is a fun way to celebrate the life of such an iconic woman, showing what can be achieved when given an “equal” opportunity.