Over and Above Expectations

Over and Above Expectations

Artist – Angie Hardwick

Sponsored by: Premier Modular Limited


Design Description

I’ve longed to emigrate most of my adult life so the flight to Australia is a dream for me. I wanted the design to have recognisable features from both countries. I used iconic graphic-like buildings with a limited pallet. I chose colours reflected in their flag. I plan to plot Amy’s flightpath over the Moth. The countries will be represented as small 3D planes made from clay. They will be decorated with their corresponding flag. The body of the moth is black to reflect the struggle of flying in darkness. The elements will stand out against the sky.

Artist Statement

Life is complicated and untidy.

My work concentrates on personal journeys we take. I incorporate familiar objects that introduce light humour to balance the seriousness of life. Currently my work presents a quirky and humorous take on the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Embedded within the pieces are memories that link to childhood memory. I utilise cast replicas of toys and impress detail to illustrate comical scenarios that happen around me.