Artist – Jessica Aylen

Design Description

Movement is based on common themes within the cultures Amy Johnson would have encountered along her journey, such as nature, exploration and a desire for autonomy. It is a homage to individuals within those communities striving for social change in a personal and political way. It includes quotes from Mahatma Gandhi who was at the time campaigning for an independent India and a nod to Arthur Stace who was finding his own way to speak to his community in Sydney. The style is based on underground stencil graphic art, traditionally a powerful tool for social commentary.

Artist Statement

I am a freelance artist based in Hull. I work with communities in and around Hull with people of all ages. I aim to empower them with creative skills and confidence giving them tools to communicate. Over the past five years I have been heavily involved with local festivals and events creating street art, installation, theatre and performance. Having studied book arts and print I have a strong affiliation with hand drawn typography and bold, graphic art.