Monsoon Moth

Monsoon Moth

Artist – Carolyn Short

Design Description

The Monsoon Moth depicts Amy arriving in Burma (Myanmar) in a monsoon. The rain is represented by various designs connected to Burma. These include a traditional Burmese textile pattern; rubies and sapphires; a 1930s peacock design; a Burmese python; the Burma Star medal ribbon; the ‘Amy, Wonderful Amy’ music score and the liana plant. I have included liana as my Granddad served for the Fleet Air Arm in WW2 and was awarded the Burma Star. In amongst the photos of planes that he brought back was one showing the dangling plant which always looked so exotic to me when I was young.

Artist Statement

I graduated in 2000 with a B.A. (hons) in Illustration. Since graduating I have worked as a community artist working with schools and local art providers. My work is mainly 3D and mixed media based. In 2015 I designed and painted two barons for Lincoln’s Barons’ Charter Trail. I live in Stallingborough near Grimsby with my cockapoo, Bingo