Artist – Mike Sprout

Design Description

The stunning subtleties of real moth’s patterns interpreted in paint. I love to lose myself in a field of dots, exploring combinations of geometric and organic pattern, discovering how understatement of form and colour can create the most overwhelming effects. The design will contain (I you look carefully) a map of Amy Johnson’s flight path to Australia and colours from the flags of the countries she passed over.

Artist Statement

Jeffrey DeHavilland is an ancestor of mine, and like him, I am in love with the insect world. I have spent many hours poring over moths, and many more painting pictures of them. Probably the first artistic commission I received was to illustrate a book about some of Hull’s great names (‘Leggit’ by Jonathan Roe), including Amy Johnson. I am a painter sculptor, designer and publisher. I studied fine art at Newcastle University, and after living in Wales and London I have recently moved back to my home town of Hull, where I an part of Ground Collective.