Mirza Akbar

Mirza Akbar

Artist – Charles Huckvale

Design Description

Bandar Abbas, is where Amy Johnson touched down in Iran in 1930, it was formerly famous for its export of Iranian pottery, and was known in the west as “goombroon”. “Goombroon ware” was the original porcelain imported to England from Goombroon in the early 20th century. This Moth takes its name from Iranian Architecht Mirza Akbar, whose ceramic tile work inspired this design.

Artist Statement

Charles is a community Artist, Musician, Choral Voice Leader, and a co-director of Hull Carnival Arts and Apus Productions. He studied Fine Art painting at Central St. Martins college in London. Whatever art form Charles works in, empowerment, inclusion and participation are always key, giving people opportunities to learn and increase their skills, develop their understanding of an art form, while nurturing and unlocking their creativity.