Mehndi Moth

Mehndi Moth

Artist – Liz Knight

Design Description

My design is based on patterns that are printed mainly onto the backs of women’s hands with mehndi or henna paste. These patterns are part of Vedic customs and are intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and inner sun.

Mehndi is an Indian tradition typically used for special occasions such as weddings and festivals. As well as referring to a country included in Amy’s flightpath, I thought it was a fitting way to celebrate her anniversary.

My idea is to hold a number of workshops with selected groups to colour the designs, with the activity specifically chosen for its ‘mindful’ nature.

Artist Statement

I teach courses and run workshops using mainly textiles, but also willow and tissue. For the past two years I have worked for Walk the Plank running workshops to make up to 250 lanterns with community groups for their events produced for the Freedom Festival. I work with a women’s group set up by the Refugee Council, and work in schools with adults as well as different community and health groups.