Luna Moth Spaceship

Luna Moth Spaceship

Artist – Helen Schell

Design Description

The Luna Moth Spaceship reflects contemporary spaceflight and celebrates the woman aeronautical pioneers of the 21st century. This is about future aspirations and women astronauts of a new space-age, asking the question who will be the new Amy Johnson of our era? By using optical illusions and bold colours it will create a spaceship, transforming the ‘moth’ surface into a moving series of patterns which deceive the eye and visual perception.

Artist Statement

I am an artist who specialises in artworks about space exploration and the science of the cosmos. I create vast, dynamic optical illusions and spatial distortions which expresses space travel. The work is about is about rocket engineering and satellite technology and I collaborate with sciences on projects. I am an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador for the education wing of the European Space Agency.