Artist – Claire Stevens

Design Description

Amy Johnson flew over Turkey on the way to Australia. This design is inspired by the traditional Kilim rug designs from Turkey. Motifs symbolise themes such as women’s power and the power of the sky, which relate to Amy’s story. Vivid colours have been used to highlight the celebratory element of the Amy Johnson Festival. The bright colours also draw a bridge between the country of Turkey in the 1930s and now because Kiliim rugs are often woven using bright threads.

Artist Statement

I am an innovative artist who likes to use bright colours and a variety of media. I have trained in print design for textiles and I enjoy using print making in my work. I make both wearable garments that are bright and beautiful art pieces ad 2D work using acrylic paints and mixed media.

All of my work aims to be bright, joyous and celebratory in nature. I am inspired by everything in the word around me – particularly plants, trees and flowers.