“I was only a kid, but I knew I wanted to be Amy”

“I was only a kid, but I knew I wanted to be Amy”

Artist – Dalo

Sponsored by: Private Sponsor

Design Description

1930s Art Deco colour theme, pinks, golds, metallics…irridescent jewel like, using enamel paints and technoglow products that glow in the dark. The pattern on the wing is a silhouette of the Moth plane…at the top very spaced out then becoming more compact and overlapping at the bottom, to reflect the aviation explosion in our skies today compared to the 1930s. Typography is a song sung by kids in the 30s about Amy Johnson.

Artist Statement

I’m a local artist primarily a painter working in oils but always experimenting in styles and different media. My design for my moth proposal has been inspired by my friend, whose childhood hero was Amy, she was 5 years old living down Hessle Rd in the 1930s and remembers seeing Amy’s plane fly over Hull… “Everybody wanted to be Amy”.