I Believe I Can Fly

I Believe I Can Fly

Artist – Peter Ronald Coates

Sponsored by: Amy Johnson Festival

Design Description

On reading Amy Johnson’s flight path, I wanted the moth to show the freedom of the skies during the 1930s.

I titled the work “I Believe I Can Fly”. The underside of the moths will be painted the colour of Jason, bottle green/British Racing green. The head of the moth will be in the clouds wearing flying goggles featuring the eyes of Amy Johnson, which I feel is a key feature in her pictures.

The moth’s body will display the names and national flags of each country Amy flew through, accurate to the 1930s time period under British Reign.


Artist Statement

I have a First Class Honours Degree In Contemporary Fine Art from Hull School of Art & Design, finishing in 2010.

I have since worked on various project in Hull, working with Hull School of Art & Design, Studio Eleven, Freedom Festival and Yorkshire Wildlife trust. Alongside this I also have commissions with private clients.

I enjoy working with reclaimed materials, making something unwanted or discarded and giving it a new lease of life. I also like traditional crafts, where fine art can blend with the craftsmanship of the past.