Geoffrey (hand printed textiles)

Geoffrey (hand printed textiles)

Artist – Joelle Harris

Sponsored by: Science Museum London

Science Museum

Design Description

Geoffrey de Havilland, lepidopterist and designer of the Gipsy Moth, inspired a visit to the Shuttleworth Collection to examine biplane construction. Observing how the linen was stitched onto wooden wing ribs connected with my interest in textiles together with aerial views reminiscent of fabric pleats. Art Deco and Russian Constructivism, imagery of speed and travel were also drawn from. I explored the juxtaposition of the smooth hardness of the aircraft engineering and the textured soft curves of the moth. Finally the suffragettes colours: Purple for justice, white for purity and green for hope provide the overall look of the design.

Artist Statement

Joelle Harris is a 3rd year Textile Design Student at Hull School of Art and Design.

Interest in the natural world and the craftmanship involved in construction of the industrial past, inspire her to cultivate high standards of expertise in her specialism. Joelle loves the tactile qualities of textiles and expressing her creativity through messy experimentation. She explores and enjoys how diverse processes such as Dye, print and hand stitch sit together in surprising ways. Joelle is concerned about the environmental impact of textile production and strives to use ethically sourced materials wherever possible.