From one chapter to another

From one chapter to another

Artist – Karine Gullino

Design Description

The swallow birds symbolize freedom, love and loyalty. When a pair of swallows, one looking forward and the other looking back, this represents the end of one chapter and the start of a new chapter in life. The aboriginal dots represent Australia, the last destination reached by Amy Johnson during her flight that started from England.

Artist Statement

Karine Gullino creates from an emotive perspective. Because emotions are subject to variations, her creativity is varied and far reaching. As an artist who creates through sensitivity she feels that her art may not be easily definable because she does not concentrate her vision through one medium of expression.

To express herself she uses every medium available to her, because she is touched by every aspect of life. Her work represents/symbolises feelings and emotions that pass through the eyes, heart and brain.

Life for her equates to art, and art to life. And life/art has many themes/directions.