Forgotten Women of Science – Asima Chatterjee

Forgotten Women of Science – Asima Chatterjee

Artist – Sallyann Bradnam

Design Description

My Moth is a celebration of the work of Asima Chatterjee who lived in India and worked in the field of Organic and Phytochemistry (plant chemicals) her most acclaimed research was on Vinca Alkaloids derived from the Periwinkle which is known for its anti-cancer properties. My moth design has beautiful purple Periwinkles along with a traditional Asian paisley pattern and two yellow flowers to symbolize other plants used for scientific and medicinal purposes.

Artist Statement

I come from an Arts background I studied both Graphic Design and Fine Art and worked as a Designer in educational publishing for over 16 years, after being made redundant, I changed my profession but i still continued to paint and illustrate. The style of my work is varied, I am able to work to any scale and in any media, but my particular areas of skill are with water colour, oils and acrylics. My work is very colourful and bold, it is stylized and representational instead of being true to life, I try to get a sense of movement within my work and I also like to use symbolism. My main subject area is animals and my inspiration comes from world myths, legends and children’s stories as well as Chinese and Western astrology.