Flying High

Flying High

Artist – Angela Murray-Nag

Design Description

My design have been inspired by the artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979), a dedicated modernist whose work has been described as an ‘exuberant celebration of liberation’. Through her experiments in abstraction, Sonia Delaunay embraced the modern world and was invited to take part in the ‘International Exhibition of Arts and Technology in Modern Life’, EXPO 1937, held in Paris. She painted three large murals depicting aeroplane engines, a propeller and a cockpit instrument panel for the Palais de L’Air. They depict the inner workings of an aeroplane set against rainbow coloured circles, and are filled with optimism for a technological future.


Artist Statement

I am a textile artist specialising in constructed textiles with a particular interest in textural knit. I experiment widely with contemporary yarns, creating innovative structures and patterns, from which I design accessories and garments for fashion and interiors.

I use photography to capture the unseen beauty of my surroundings, whether it’s a steel bench in an urban landscape, or a sunlit branch reaching towards the sky; momentary images which inspire my creativity and influence my work.