Cultural Stamps

Cultural Stamps

Artist – Donna Nolan

Design Description

Inspiration for ‘Cultural Stamps’ was taken from the countries and continents of Amy’s flightpath in 1930 to Australia. I began to think of how each country would be in 1930 and what would link them together.

In my own work I’ve used printed ephemera such as stamps, etc. I like the idea of postage and the images in 1930s stamps relating to culture and identity. These are images that are still relevant today.


Artist Statement

For over fifteen years I’ve worked as an artist and a community artist since completing a Textiles Arts degree at Salford University. In my work I produce paintings and textiles pieces that incorporate layers of printed ephemera, paint, stitch, collage felt and fabric. My work is often inspired by the landscape, travels and ideas of making the familiar into a dreamscape. My work has been exhibited in many locations and is currently on permanent display at Bury Art Gallery in their Craft Shop Gallery.