Australian Tiger Moth

Australian Tiger Moth

Artist – Jo Cruickshanks

Sponsored by: The University of Sheffield

Sheffield Uni

Design Description

This moth is based on the Australian Tiger moth, native to Queensland, where pioneering aviatrix Amy Johnson arrived in 1930 as the first woman to fly from England to Australia.  Johnson made the epic journey in a de Havilland designed DH60 Gypsy Moth. De Havilland’s interest in different species of moths led to the naming of many of his designs.  This non-stripey local moth would I’m sure have welcomed Johnson on arrival after her 11,000 mile journey

Artist Statement

Jo Cruickshanks is a visual artist whose practice focuses on environmental issues, regeneration, education and awareness.

Before arriving in Australia in the mid-1980’s, she studied Fine Art at Hull School of Arts, UK Amy Johnson’s home town. Jo says: My art interest is in raising awareness of environmental and social dynamics, the link between politics and aesthetics, the creation of artwork that can be both aesthetically and socially effective.