Amy:Light of the Skies (luminous elements)

Amy:Light of the Skies (luminous elements)

Artist – Lyns

Design Description

I have designed my moth to work in the day time and night time. I have represented Amy’s world record breaking trip on the head of the moth and have put a character of Amy in the moth plane she completed the journey in I also plan to make the moths eyes glow in the dark with a plane silhouette in the middle. Elements of the design will glow in the dark at night and show Amy is around flying in the skies above all the time.


Artist Statement

I am a professional graffiti artist called lyns . I am self employed and have been spraypainting for over ten years .I am in a well known all female graffiti crew Girls On Top who do regular exhibitions together and paint live at events doing big murals we have exhibited from New York to London. I work in a variety of materials mostly based around my graffiti girl characters which I am most known for. I teach regular workshops in Lincolnshire and also work on canvases size to large scale murals, as well as sculptures and embroidery to name a few media I use .