Amy Did It!

Amy Did It!

Artists – Kieron Reilly & Lynsey Brecknell

Sponsored by: HETA

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Design Description

This design is focused on celebrating the achievements of Amy Johnson and the step forward for women’s equality. It’s inspired by the famous wartime poster, ”We can do it!” this inspirational image was used to highlight women in the work place. The poster has been adapted to resemble Amy by dressing the female figure in aviation headgear and jacket, this symbolises her positive role in women’s equality, as she was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. The slogan now reads, “Amy did it!” to celebrate how much she achieved in her lifetime.

Artist Statement

The Birmingham based artists Kieron Reilly and Lynsey Brecknell are collaborating once again. Lynsey is currently working as a Scenic Implementation Assistant for a theatre company. She also has experience as a Prop Maker, Set Designer and Dresser. Kieron is a skilled Digital Artist and Model Maker and is currently working as a Production Technician.