46 – Turkish Delight

moth46face- Turkish Delight

Design Concept: Hull Women’s Service

Artist: Bridget Murray

Sponsor: Home Group


Location: Freedom Centre, Preston Road, HU9 3QB

Hosted by: Freedom Centre

About the Design:
The design of the moths was based on Islamic art, inspired by areas of Amy’s flight path

Bridget Murray interpreted the group’s designs, incorporating an element from each one, ie. colour, shape or repetition of pattern, and referring back to tile designs from Istanbul to give it an authentic Eastern flavour, while maintaining the groups original take on their inspiration from the theme.

About the Artist:
Fourteen women from Hull Women’s Service collaborated with artist, Bridget Murray, to accomplish their design.

About the Sponsor:
Home Group, a successful social enterprise and charity with a turnover of over £340m, is one of the UK’s largest providers of social housing and care and support services in the UK. The reason we exist is found in our social mission which not only explains what motivates us, but is the ultimate outcome of all our work. It is Building Homes, Independence and Aspirations.