20 – Flight to Australia

moth20face- Flight to Australia

Artist: Elena Naylor

Sponsor: Stagecoach in Hull

Location: Paragon Interchange, bus terminal, HU2 8NH

About the Design:
The Flight to Australia moth was inspired both by the life and flying achievements of Amy Johnson, captured in a portrait of Amy and her aeroplane, and Australia, which is illustrated by the road sign featuring a kangaroo and the growing succulents. The artwork was influenced by the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco styles.

About the Artist:
Elena Naylor is a Russian-born artist, who studied fine art and design for 14 years throughout her education. She uses a variety of subjects and media, from classic fine art to modern digital art, from fairy tale animals to apocalyptic landscapes. Most of her artworks are influenced by the Art Nouveau style.

About the Sponsor:
Stagecoach in Hull is one of the city’s largest bus operators, providing a comprehensive network of bus services for local people. Every year around 17 million passenger journeys are made on Stagecoach in Hull buses. Bus services play an important role in helping Hull residents and visitors reach work, education, healthcare and the shops.