04 – The ripple effect

moth04face- Ripple Effect

Artist: Charlie Fogg

Sponsor: Smith & Nephew


Hosted by: Allenby Commercial

Location: 10 North Church Side, HU1 1RP

About the Design:
The Ripple Effect was inspired by Amy Johnson herself and the strides she made for other female innovators and world changers.

Detailed pencil style drawings appear on the design, each in monochrome except for one moth featured with a splash of bright orange colour. This moth highlights the theme of standing out from the crowd and doing something different. Amy was quoted as saying, “I am an ordinary woman who did extra ordinary things.”

About the Artist:
Charlie Fogg is an artist and illustrator from Malvern, Worcestershire, who studied for her degree in illustration at Hereford College of Arts. Art Nouveau and mark making inspire her work. She mostly works in loose watercolour juxtaposed by structured line work. She enjoys playing with opposing ideas in her work, such as fragility and strength.

About the Sponsor:
Smith & Nephew supports healthcare professionals in over 100 countries by taking a pioneering approach to the design of its advanced medical products and services. The global company has a history dating back 160 years to its founding in Hull, where it began as the family enterprise of Thomas James Smith. Smith & Nephew strives to secure wider access to its diverse technologies for customers on a global scale.