03 – World Moth

moth03face- World Moth

Artist: Pinky

Sponsor: Rainbow Professional Ltd

Hosted by: Hull Trinity House

Location: Zebedee’s Yard, Whitefriargate, HU1 2JX

About the Design:
This design takes its inspiration from the amazing journey taken by Amy Johnson half way around the world. The changing landscape, the elemental forces and natural elements represent the awesome powers of nature that she experienced during this epic achievement.

About the Artist:
Pinky is a full time visual artist. His background in graffiti has taught him the possibilities of thinking big. He has exhibited his work in galleries across Europe and North America. His work is concerned with creating bridges between communities and spreading love. His works incorporate positive icons, graphic shapes and a spectrum of colour.

About the Sponsor:
Rainbow Professional is one of the leading UK manufacturers of products aimed at the forestry, horticultural, landscape and amenity markets. The company was founded in 1961 with the invention of the famous Rainbow Buckle Tree Tie. Rainbow Professional is proud of its green credentials and places the environment at the heart of its products. The family business supplies products to over 30 countries worldwide.