The Amy Johnson Arts Trust is a charity which champions Hull aviation heroine Amy Johnson through creative arts and cultural programmes and aims to ensure that future generations of young people know about her remarkable story. 

We do this by devising, commissioning and promoting events, and by providing information and educational resources about Amy. In 2016, we marked the 75th anniversary of Amy’s death with an ambitious two month Festival of the Arts & Engineering, re-telling Amy’s story for contemporary audiences and celebrating her life and achievements. You can see what went on in the downloadable programme.

In May 2020, we created Twenty Days, an online celebration of the 90th anniversary of Amy’s solo flight from England to Australia in the form of a daily diary, blog and podcast – a first-person retelling of the highs, the lows and the unexpected incidents that she experienced en route to making history. You can read and listen to all 20 episodes of Twenty Days here.

One of the highlights of our 2016 Festival was the very popular public art project, A Moth for Amy. Many of these brightly coloured artist designed giant moths can still be seen around Hull and East Yorkshire. Their new locations (and those of the remaining Larkin’s Toads) can be found on our updated map which can be downloaded by clicking here. Paper versions of the map are available at tourist information centres throughout the region, or you can use our Sculpture Finder to locate Moths and Toads on your computer or smart phone. Further details of A Moth for Amy can be found here.

We have made many of the artists commissions available on-line in our Amy Arts Archive. These include short films, music performances, on-line and live story-telling.

We also have a range of Amy-related items for sale through our On-line Store. This includes our handsome hardback photo-biography ‘Amy Johnson – A Life in Pictures. 

The sale of Amy’s Moths has enabled us to develop the Amy Johnson Arts & Engineering Awards open to artists and engineers in Hull and East Yorkshire. Details of the next round of awards for 2021 will be announced in September 2020.

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Amy and Jason landing in Darwin, Australia where a hero's welcome awaits

Day 20 – Saturday, 24 May, 1930. In Darwin. Atamboea to Darwin

We are here! We have made it! We have flown from England to Australia. Jason and I have triumphed! And on Empire Day, of all days. We landed at 3.30pm, after 20 days of hard work and endeavour. Despite my fears it was, perhaps, the simplest of journeys across that long stretch of water. The […]


Day 19 – Friday, 23 May, 1930. 500 Miles Remain. Atamboea

I fell into a deep sleep on those steps I wrote of yesterday. I was woken by a bearded white man, the pastor no doubt, who beckoned me inside the building, where he provided a more lavish meal lacking in the raw and bloody meat that one would expect to be served in the jungle […]

Amy Johnson in the cockpit

Day 18 – Thursday, 22 May, 1930. Into the Jungle. Surabaya to Atamboea

A terrifying landing of the kind I would never like to repeat and for quite some time I was in the company of the island’s tribesmen. Today was always going to be a test of my reserves, and an effort to journey 1,000 miles in the air to Atamboea, on the island of Timor in […]